Government mum on rights issues, says OHCHR

Nepalgunj, March 2:

The United Nations’ Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has accused the government authorities of doing nothing to curb incidents of human rights violation in the country.

OHCHR officials said this while addressing a programme organised by the Mid Western OHCHR unit today.

There is no reason to believe that the State has been investigating any of the incidents of human rights violation with much concern, they said. “The OHCHR has been assessing the human rights situation in the country. We have sought information about the investigations into cases of human rights violation by the Home Ministry, Royal Nepalese Army and Nepal Police. However, in recent days, district administration offices and the police have cooperated in these matters,” they said.

They also urged the Maoists to be clear about their stand because they have, in the recent days, launched attacks on public places with dense population, endangering the lives of civilians.

Spokesperson for OHCHR, Kiran Dayar said both sides engaged in war, are involved in the incidents of human rights violation. Dayar urged both the State and Maoists to be sensitive towards human rights and humanitarian law.

Dayar said, “We also have received news about vigilantes troubling the civilians and are investigating into it.” OHCHR informed that most number of people disappeared by State are from Bardiya.

Chief of Nepalgunj Office of OHCHR, Andrew Mc Gregor said they had raised issue about those disappeared in Bardiya with the RNA chief of Bardiya, who has committed to help in the matter.

“Most people missing in Bardiya belong to Tharu community followed by Dalit and Janajati communities,” Mc Gregor said.

He said, “Those arrested are tortured in jail,” adding, intervention in the peaceful demonstrations and Maoists act of abductions is also condemnable.

The representatives of OHCHR said the lives of human rights activists are also in danger.

It was also informed that murder of Umesh Thapa on February 8 in Dang is also under investigation.