Govt not developing Tarai: Yadav

Rajbiraj, May 24

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairperson Upendra Yadav today accused the government of not being sensitive towards the development of Madhes, which is lagging far behind in the development, despite being rich in resources.

Speaking at his party’s programme in Rajbiraj, Saptari, today, Yadav said fertile land was turning into desert due

to the destruction of the Chure forest and thousands of people had been victims of floods every year due to government apathy.

“Though province 2 has the most fertile land and plain terrain, it is far less developed in comparison to other provinces. It is unfortunate and the government should be responsible for this,” argued Yadav. He reiterated that the federal government should take special initiatives to protect the Chure region and control floods.

Yadav underscored the need to amend the constitution to ensure equal rights to the people of Madhes. “It is not only Madhes which has been discriminated but also ethnic nationalities, women, Muslims, Dalits and other communities. Hence, they also will resort to the street if the statute is not amended,” argued Yadav.

He said people could not feel relief until corruption, nepotism and mafiaism were curbed. He accused senior leaders and bureaucrats of being involved in corruption.