Government not serious about statute amendment: Chaudhary

Pokhara, June 3

General Secretary of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal Chanda Chaudhary today said the ruling party had not paid attention to constitution amendment.

Speaking at a programme organised by Federation of Indigenous Journalists Kaski chapter in Pokhara today, Chaudhary said constitution amendment was not the issue of only Madhesis, but also of the people from hilly areas. “Most people from Madhes and Hilly areas are dissatisfied with the new statute,” she added.

Chaudhary said that the statute should be owned by everyone. “But KP Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal have been paying no attention to constitution amendment,” she said. She said the government has to play a key role in providing the real taste of democracy to the people. “The government and political parties have to move towards prosperity with a political way-out,” she said.

Chaudhary said it was necessary to create employment opportunities for youths. “The government should create youth-centred job opportunities,” she said, adding that the country could not be developed if the youths were sent abroad for jobs.

Chaudhary said her party would not participate in the present government until Resham Chaudhary was released. “Resham Chaudhary has not been convicted by the court,” she added, saying that he should be in prison after the court verdict. “RJP-N will participate in the government immediately after Resham’s release,” she stressed.