Government, Tamsaling to strike deal today

KATHMANDU: The government today agreed in principle to address the six-point demands put forth by the Tamsaling Joint Struggle Committee.

Peace and Reconstruction Minister Rakam Chemjong, who is also the coordinator of the government talks team, and the Tamsaling body are scheduled to ink an agreement in this regard tomorrow morning.

Parshuram Tamang, one of the talks team members of the TJSC, told this daily that the government had theoretically agreed to give the existing Logistics Support Gan of Nepali Army, mostly comprising personnel recruited from the Tamang community, the status of an infantry.

Formerly known as “Pipa Goshwara”, the task of the Gan is to support the army personnel in ferrying goods and collecting fodder for the cattle reared by the NA. The Tamang leaders had been saying that the community was discriminated against on the basis of caste.

Tamang said the government had agreed to announce a package programme for the religious development of the Swoyambhu area in Kathmandu and the Navabudhha area in Kavre districts. The government has, according to him, agreed to provide aid for the conservation of Doramba area (Talcho) in Ramechhap district.

The Tamangs believe that there had been a Tamang state in and around the Talcho area before the unification of the country. Likewise, a committee consisting of experts would be formed for the development of the Tamang language and culture.

All the persons injured during the Tamangs' agitation would get free treatment in government hospitals, he informed. State Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Dilli Bahadur Mahat said the talks were held in a cordial manner and they would strike a final deal tomorrow.