Government to classify land into three categories: Minister Khanal

KATHMANDU: Minister for Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives Chakrapani Khanal stated that preparation was underway to implement land classification plan.

Addressing an interaction jointly organised by Nepal Agriculture Journalists Academy (JONAA) and National Farmers Group Federation (NFGF) in Kathmandu on Tuesday, Minister Khanal said that land owner certificate would be distributed after classifying land into three categories — fertile, commercial and residential.

He further said that laws would be formulated to stop the plotting of fertile land as well as prevent the land from being kept barren.

The Agriculture Minister said that preparation was underway to amend Land Act-2021 and to make new act by scrapping some acts for the appropriate management and utilisation of land.

Similarly, NFGF Chairperson Uddhav Adhikari blamed the government, saying it was not conscious about the rights of small farmers.