‘Government to work with private sector’

Biratnagar, June 10

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal today said the government would move forward in collaboration with the private sector.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of Industry Organisations, Morang, golden jubilee in Biratnagar, Dahal assured that the upcoming decade would be the ‘decade of development’. Stating that the country had attained political stability, Dahal said the government would now have to focus on economic development and prosperity.

Dahal argued that development and prosperity were not possible without cooperation from the private sector and added that the two neighbouring countries too wanted stability and peace in Nepal.

He said the government would work full tenure. “I spent 10 years forming political ideology, 10 years to institutionalise change and I will spend 10 more years in ushering prosperity in the country,” he said.

Dahal urged the government and opposition to join hands for development and prosperity.