Government urged to recall Karnadhwoj Adhikari

New Delhi, May 6 :

Migrant Nepalis in India today urged the Nepali government to recall Nepal’s envoy to India, Karnadhwoj Adhikari, saying he is a supporter of regression.

A joint democratic forum of migrant Nepalis sent a letter to Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and foreign minister KP Sharma Oli, urging them to sack Adhikari.

The letter said Adhikari played a role to strengthen regression, revenue was used to suppress the people’s movement and he paid no interest to the problems of thousands of migrant Nepalis.

Bal Krishna Pande, coordinator of the forum, said: “The envoy did not provide passports to the chiefs of migrant Nepalis’ unions, who are working in Delhi for many years, and also to students who favoured the democratic movement.”

The letter said: “We urge you to appoint a new ambassador who would work for the welfare of migrant Nepalis in India.” The letter also said that the Royal Nepalese Ambassador should be redesignated as Nepalese Ambassador.