Kavre, January 22

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota has said the government will take action against lecturers, who skip university classes to work at private institutions.

“Acting on complaints, we’ve started a secret investigation. If they are found guilty, they will have to face the music,” said the minister, unveiling a newly-built building of Mahakali Higher Secondary School in Mandandeupur, Kavre, today.

Stating that the government was capable of dealing with all kinds of challenges, the minister said the government was for stopping business in the name of education permanently.

“We’re for stamping out business in education and health sectors by ensuring the quality of community schools. A day will come when the need to spend millions for our kids’ education will become a thing of the past,” Baskota said.

“In fact, we want to develop community schools as purely academic centres capable of producing quality manpower,” said the minister, adding that the government and the ministry was working to bring necessary laws for the same.

“The government won’t go out and close the private schools itself as that will happen automatically when we improve the quality of education at community schools,” he explained.