Govt action against criminals soon

BIRATNAGAR: Home Minister Bhim Rawal today said the government would shortly initiate action against criminal gangs active in the eastern districts.

Inaugurating a regional conference on security here in Biratnagar, the minister said that the government would launch its offensive against such total 109 criminal groups identified so far.

According to the minister, such groups were involved in various crimes, including smuggling weapons, abduction, ransom and smuggling of contraband currency.

“The government has introduced five working plans to take action against such gangs under the special security strategy,” he clarified, adding that legal action would be taken against those involved in abduction, killing, rape, imposing bandhs along the highways and affecting emergency services. He directed the chiefs of security bodies in the region to effectively implement the working plans to maintain law and order situation.

“If anyone creates obstruction in taking action against the criminals, do convey the message to me,” the home minister told them. The special security strategy was introduced with the consent of all political parties in the Parliament, he said.

“The strategy was introduced to give sense of security to the people,” Rawal said, adding, the Cabinet has also allocated necessary budget for the successful implementation of the same.”

He also said that the government was successful in containing the bandhs along the roads and highways after the the strategy came into operation.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister of State for Home Affairs Mohammad Rijwan Ansari, Home Secretary Dr Govinda Prasad Kusum and Joint Secretary Ratnaraj Pandey expressed hopes that proper implementation of the special security strategy would help in taking the peace process to a logical conclusion and timely drafting of the new statute. The conference also proposed to introduce special programme for checking donation drive and abduction incidents.