Govt apathy stalks victims

TIKAPUR: Kailali victims are lamenting the lack of relief materials that have only compounded to their flood woes.

Nuklipur, Bangalapur and Bankatti residents alleged that they were yet to receive any relief material yet. At last count, 30 households have been affected by the flash floods, triggered by unseasonal rainfall.

“We lost all our foodstuffs. I’ve been forced to take shelter in my relative’s house. We’ve nothing to eat,” said Sita Khadka, a resident of Tikapur-3. Homraj Upadhyaya, one of the victims, accused of fudging with the victims’ data. “This is grossly unfair. It helps them to make a fast buck out of relief materials. So far, no one has come to enquire about our condition. We’ve been famished for the last four days,” he alleged. A similar story of neglect and deprivation is playing out in most of the flood-hit areas in the district. Though the water levels are receding, normalcy is a far cry.

Victims are also aghast at the lack of preparedness on the government’s part.

With the authorities reduced to a mere spectator, the flood-hit locals gave.

Narayan Bajagain, Tikapur-2, recounted the loss of agricultural yield and attendant shortage of foodgrains. Authorities of Nepal Red Cross, Narayanpur branch, said that they had been distributing noodles and beaten rice (chiura) to the flood-hit in affected areas.

They claimed that rescue and relief

operations are on in full swing.