Govt committed to end transport syndicate: Home Minister Thapa

HETAUDA: Home Minister and CPN Maoist Centre leader Ram Bahadur Thapa 'Badal' has highlighted the significance of ending transport syndicate in the country.

The government is committed to end rampant transport syndicate and won't compromise in any pretext, Minister Thapa said so while attending provincial security meeting in Hetauda, on Tuesday.

He further said, "Government won't spare any civil servants favouring syndicate, they would also be booked."

"Crime and syndicate are connected with development so these things have to be neutralised. Government is committed to eradicate such wrong activities," Thapa shared.

"The government should curb corruption, smuggling of drugs and human trafficking in the name of foreign employment to neutralise crime in the society," Thapa said.

CPN Maoist Centre leader Thapa stressed that development and prosperity are the needs of the country as per people's mandate.

He also clarified that security, good governance and stability are prerequisites for attaining development and prosperity in the nation.

Minister Thapa claimed that conspiracy has been hatched to push Nepal towards instability. Despite few untoward activities, the government would take them under control.

"For development and prosperity of the nation, leftist parties have came together and two major forces--UML and CPN Maoist Centre--would be united in the near future," Thapa claimed.

Speaking on a different note, Minister Thapa said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's religious and cultural visit would help to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Indian PM Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Nepal on May 11.