Kathmandu, November 27:

Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare, Durga Shrestha, today said that the government is concerned over the pact signed between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists without the latter laying down arms. “The government is on the alert after the agreement,” Shrestha said at an interaction on “Consequences of the pact between the seven-party alliance and Maoists” organised by Sambad Club, Nepal. “The present constitution was drafted by these very parties which are now saying that they cannot abide by it,” she said, adding that the agreement made for keeping the Royal Nepalese Army under the supervision of United Nations could be detrimental to the interests of the Nepali people.

Shrestha said the parties had opted to cosy up to forces which the government led by Girija Prasad Koirala had declared “terrorists”.

She also challenged the Nepali Congress that the people were not with it after its dropping the clause pertaining to constitutional monarchy from its party statute. “The vote received by NC in the previous elections was because of the monarch and the people are no more with NC now,” she said. Assistant minister for Labour and Transport Management, Golchhe Sarki, said Maoists are “terrorists” and those allying with them would also be considered accomplices. “They have neither stopped recruiting people in their army nor have they given up abducting and attacking people.” Sarki claimed that the parties were being “used” by the Maoists. “The Delhi agreement was an attempt to end the multi-party system in the nation,” he added.

He also urged nationalist-minded people within both the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML to go together on the path of peace traced by the King. The minister added that the municipal polls would be held in a free and fair manner and that nationalists would carry the day. On the occasion, chairman of Nepal Samata Party Daya Nanda Thapa said the pact between parties and Maoists was a challenge to the sovereignty and unity of the nation. “It is wrong to compare the Royal Nepalese Army with the Maoists’ militia,” he said, adding that the agreement has indicated that the nation is heading towards an intensified conflict situation.