Govt for computerised system to keep tabs on child labour stats

Damaru Lal Bhandari

Kathmandu, June 29:

Computers will now keep tabs on institutional efforts in the sphere of monitoring the

status of child labourers and rehabilitating them.

Agencies like International Labour Organisation (ILO) long back switched to computers to keep track of the movement of child labourers. Now, the Nepal government will follow suit.

“We are expecting to graduate to the computerised system for keeping an eye on the movement of child labourers,” said Dhruva Kumar Sharma, Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MOL&TM) spokesman.

Sharma added there was a need to keep such tabs on the eventuality of child labourers’ movement in their respective organisations.

After database and software are ready, anyone in the office concerned under MOL&TM can download the latest information about the child labourers and their growth dynamics.

The government has floated tenders inviting cost estimates for developing the database and suggesting appropriate software on child labour information, monitoring and tracking. The task of picking up the right supplier will be completed in the next five months. Implementation of the scheme may take up to six months. The agency concerned has also invited tenders for a job involving development of database and appropriate software about the labour market information system.

While software concerning child labour information, monitoring and tracking will keep tabs on career growth of the children concerned from the day they land in any of the over 26 agencies currently working in this area, software concerning labour market will be instrumental in keeping tabs on wage structure and other conditions of work.

The graduation to the new system is likely to put under the scanner of the concerned authority around 10,000 children who are currently in the care of various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civic bodies.