Govt hospitals reeling under acute shortage of medicines in province no. 7

DHANGADHI: The government run hospitals in province number 7 in far-western region have been hit hard by the acute shortage of essentials medicines recently.

The patients visiting hospital in the area have been compelled to go elsewhere to receive treatment due to short supply of essential medicines.

Far-Western Regional Health Directorate Director Sushil Raj Pyakurel said medicines like paracetamol, iron pills,, jeevanjal, and antibiotics have been in short supply in the region.

"We do not have any stock of medicines left with us, as we have distributed all in the area," added Pyakurel.

He said the local level is responsible for the acquisition of essential medicines in the area. "Health being a sensitive issue, government should have given some authority to purchase some of the essential medicines to district and regional authorities," Pyakurel added.

Bhajang District Health Office store keeper Dal Bahadur Buda said essential medicines are in short supply since a week. He further shared that they have not been able to supply medicines to remote villages in the district.

Nirauli Health Post in-charge Govinda Bista in Doti district said relatives of patients become infuriated towards us when we fail to deliver them medicines. "They do not trust us when we share them medicines are in shot supply from district hospital," Bista shared.

Far-Western Regional Medical Store Chief Narayan Prasad Sahani accepted that essentials medicines are running in short supply.

Meanwhile, locals are compelled to visit private clinics to get their health check-up and buy medicines in exorbitant rates.