Govt, Maoists flayed for truce code violation

Kathmandu, August 25 :

Human rights activists today expressed concern over the ongoing human rights violations and the lack of implementation of the twenty-five-point ceasefire code of conduct between the government and Maoists.

They were worried that the understandings between the political parties and Maoists are yet to be implemented.

Both the government and Maoists are found to have been involved in human rights violations, said Sudip Pathak, former NHRC member. The peace process will be difficult if the human rights violations continue to increase, he said urging the need to begin the arms management process. He further called on both the government and Maoists to follow the ceasefire code of conduct.

The government and Maoists have failed to implement the code of conduct as well as other understandings in practice, former NHRC member Kapil Shrestha said at an interaction programme organised by the Human Rights Organisation of Nepal here today.

Teachers also expressed concern over the continuing threat to teachers by the Maoists and the government’s refusal to pay some of the teachers’ salaries.

Despite the ongoing ceasefire, the Maoists are still forcing the teachers to pay them tax out of their regular salaries, said Mohan Gyawali, president of the Nepal Teachers Association. “Although the Maoists’ central committee is trying to resolve the conflict through dialogue, Maoist leader Prachanda has failed to bring the Maoists cadres under control,” he said. The Maoist cadres are openly going against their central committee’s directions; therefore, it is difficult to say whether the peace process will be taken to the logical conclusion, he added.

Displaced individuals and families have been asked to go home but the Maoists continue to occupy their households.