Govt not serious about holding talks, says Sharma

Biratnagar, May 20 :

Blaming the government for not being serious about holding peace talks, central member of the CPN (Maoist) Dinanath Sharma said today they will not return to the jungle even if talks were not held with the government.

Addressing a huge gathering of the Maoists organised by the Mechi-Koshi regional bureau of the CPN (Maoist) at Shahid stadium in Biratnagar today, Sharma accused the government of not being in favour of implementing the 12-point agreement and “falling into conspiracies hatched by the king and foreigners.”

Accusing the government of delaying the talks process, Sharma said: “The Maoists will launch different kinds of movements but not return to the jungles even if the government does not hold talks with us.”

Sharma called on the government to release all the Maoist detainees and said: “The government can create a favourable environment for talks by making the status of the disappeared persons public.”

“We are ready for talks any time, but the government is not serious about holding talks. If the government released all our detainees tomorrow, we would be ready to hold talks with the government the very next day,” Sharma said.

“Our road map is for the dismissal of the parliament, a round-table conference, interim constitution and the election to a Constituent Assembly,” he said.

Terming the parliament as accommodating corrupt persons, Sharma said: “There is no good person to represent the parliament according to the significance of the present


“We do not support the present parliament, it should be dissolved at the earliest,” Sharma said, adding that “the structure of the Army — and not the name alone — should be changed”. “We are ready for unconditional management of arms if the government army hands over arms to the people,” Sharma said.

Another central member of the CPN (Maoist), Matrika Yadav, accused the government and the seven political parties of cheating the Maoists. People from rural areas had turned up in huge numbers to attend the gathering.