Govt not serious about talks: Yadav

BIRGUNJ: Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav on Friday accused the government of not being serious towards holding talks with agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front.

Yadav, who came to participate in the sit-in at Miteri Bridge, said, “What is happening at the moment is not dialogue and this is not going to bring a solution to current instability in the country,” he said. He asked the government to create environment favorable for serious talks.

He also accused the government of being indifferent towards the plight of the people following one-and-half-month-long protest and a week long blockade at border points. He blamed the government of not treating the Madhesi people as the country’s citizens.

Yadav made it clear that blockade and non-cooperation with the government would continue unless their demands were met.