‘Govt not upholding fundamental rights’

Jhapa, September 7

Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula said that the government had failed to implement fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. He was addressing the first district council meeting of Nepal Tea Garden Workers Association, affiliated with the NC in Birtamod today.

“The government seems to be blinded by the so-called majority and is doing whatever it likes by violating the long-held rules, due procedure and the law of the land. So, workers should be united to check arbitrary acts of the government,” Sitaula said. “It was the power of unity and agitation by the workers that brought democracy in the country,” he said.

The constitution after the restoration of democracy has ensured the rights of workers, but the government is unwilling to grant them their rights. Therefore, the workers must act to claim their rights,” he said. “Has any minister or the prime minister spoken in favour of workers?” the leader asked, suggesting that the workers needed to form their organisation at each unit of the tea garden and discuss activities of the local, provincial and central governments.

NC leaders including NC Jhapa Vice-president Ram Kattel also expressed their views on the occasion.