Govt paper shows man 153 years old

Dhading, October 30

Government document shows that a man from the rural area of Dhading district is 153 years old.

The date of birth mentioned in the citizenship certificate no: 4255 BA DHA TO 1, issued to Tanchar Magar of Jivanpur-2, Magar village, in Dhading district shows that he was born in 1911 BS.

Although Magar approached the Jivanpur VDC office on Sunday to claim old-age allowance and produced the citizenship certificate as a proof of his age, the village development committee official rejected his application saying the evidence he produced was not reliable.

The document was issued on January 10, 1986.

Technical assistant at Jivanpur VDC, Milan Kumar Subedi says

the citizenship issuance team must have committed an error in

his case because Magar was born on 2011 BS and to go by this date he is only 53 years old.

Chief district officer in Dhading, Dron Pokharel said the document had wrong information regarding the date of birth.

“Most probably the chaos caused by the crowd in the village at the time of making the certificate resulted in this error and a new certificate will be issued if Magar produces evidence regarding his date of birth,” he said.