KATHMANDU: The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation is preparing to purchase drugs such as veterinary anaesthesia and tranquilizers and other equipment to combat the terror of the elephants in the areas surrounding the national parks in the country.

The materials amounting to Rs 10.25 million would be purchased from Africa, according to the Department.

The wild beasts from various national parks such as at Chitwan and Bardia and sometimes from Indian border sites are found creating havoc with the crops and causing damage to physical infrastructures and sometimes attacking humans.

The drugs and equipment will arrive Nepal within two months, shared the Department's Director General (DG), Man Bahadur Khadka.

The drugs used to tranquilize the wild beasts are expensive, said DG Khadka, referencing that it costs around Rs 25,000 to tranquilize a tiger.

This year alone, six people were reported dead and four injured in Chitwan due to an attack by a baby male elephant from the Chitwan National Park.