'Govt trying to extend CA deadline'

BANKE: Maoist vice chairman Dr Baburam Bhattarai today said the country would face a serious trouble if the tasks of army integration and statute drafting were not concluded on time.

Addressing a convention of Nepal University Teachers’ Organisation in Nepalgunj, Dr Bhattrai said the country would be mismanaged if the Maoist combatants were not integrated into the security forces and statute not drafted on time. Arguing that the national army alone would not be able to secure the nation, the Maoist stalwart said the integration of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army into the Nepali Army was imperative to improve national security situation.

Accusing other parties of conspiring against the merger, he said failure to draft the statute on time would lead to the CA’s dissolution. He said the government was effortful to continue to rule the country by extending the CA’s deadline.