Main opposition NC says Govt's 100 days 'a dull show with malpractices'

KATHMANDU: The main opposition party Nepali Congress has stated that the government's first 100 days were full of malpractices and that the government has put up a dull show so far.

NC Spokesperson Bishwa Prakash Sharma stated that NC would not pass discouraging remarks on the government's 100 days, it was opposition's duty to point out government's mistakes.

Sharma has also shared a few major points from the press statement issued by the party on his social media profile. The first point  being the Prime Minister's induction before taking the oath of the Member of the House of Representatives, further stating that not taking the oath in the name of God, people and country was another deviation.

At a time when the country was implementing the federal system, the Office of the Prime Minister was concentrating on and consolidating power, the statement reads, accusing the government of using constitution amendment as a bargaining tool.

Sharma elaborates that it was double standard on part of the government to highlight only the negative shades the economy in the white paper, while weaving dreams of attaining double digit economic growth in the recently presented policy and programmes.

A leaderless judiciary is another drawback of the government, hints Sharma. It is injustice to the judiciary to run without a Chief Justice for such extended period of time.

Moreover, he said that the conduct of the government during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent official visit denuded its oft repeated nationalism rhetoric.

However, according to the statement, NC would provide support to the government for any endeavour which would be beneficial for the country.