Govt's neglect turns industrial estate into grazing ground

RAJBIRAJ: Gajendra Narayan Singh Industrial Estate based in Rajbiraj of Saptari district has turned into a grazing ground after facing neglect from the government for an extended period of time.

Boundary wall of the industrial estate had been damaged in last year's floods. However, even with the passing of one whole year, the wall has not been rebuilt yet, due to which its ground have now become open for animals to graze on.

The industrial area was constructed with the support of the Indian government. But it has not been able to function in its full capacity so far.

Expressing concern over the state of the industrial area, local Gangai Yadav said, locals had happily made the land available for estate construction with the hope that it would generate employment in the area, but it has so far remained in a state of abandon.

The estate, which comprises 10 industrial sheds, an administrative building and workshop building, has only around half the sheds in operation.