Gurung hopes for UK pension parity

Dharan, October 21:

President of the Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen’s Organisation (GAESO) Padam Bahadur Gurung today claimed that the ex-Gurkha soldiers would enjoy equal pension on a par with their British counterparts.

Speaking at a press conference organised here, he said, “All ex-Gurkha servicemen will get the pension on a par with their British colleagues.”

“I am fully assured that both the Gurkha and British soldiers will get equal pension on the basis of the recent verdict of a British High Court.”

Gurung was here to inform about the latest decision the British court had issued on September 30.

“Finally, We (Gorkhalis) got justice. The court verdict invalidated all the laws on Gurkhas made in the past,” he said.

“Now, the British government does not have any ground to treat the Gurkhas differently. We would get the same pension the British have been getting,” he said.

Gurung said, the ex-Gurkhas have established their rights in the United Kingdom. “However, back here, the government is not helping. The GAESO’s agitation of nationality yielded results without any support of the government,” he said.