Gyawali for speedy statute drafting

DANG: Central secretary of CPN UML Yuba Raj Gyawali on Thursday said that the constitution drafting and peace process should be accelerated to prevent the people’s contribution to uproot the monarchy through ‘April Revolution’ from going in vain.

Gyawali who was speaking at a press conference organised by Press Chautari in Ghorahi, Dang stated that the regressive forces would jeopardise the top priorities – constitution drafting and peace process if they were not accomplished in the allocated time. Gyawali opined that the leaders should give up their power lust so that regressive forces and foreign interference would not be able to impose their malicious will in the country. He accused parties of being distracted from the tasks that the people have assigned them and he warned that failure to accomplish these tasks would deprive the country of real change.