Hailstones destroy ready-for-harvest paddy in Lamjung

LAMJUNG: Rainfall with hailstones that occurred some days ago have destroyed the paddy that was ready for harvest in villages of Kavholasothar Rural Municipality in Lamjung district.

Local farmers have become worried after paddy was destroyed in the fields of Singdi village in Kavholasothar-5, among other places.

According to chair of Singdi in Ward 5 of the rural municipality, Geet Bahadur Gurung, the hailstones brought down paddy harvest at farmlands in Keble, Tamra, Khalagyu, Phersayamro, Ramro among other places.

A local, Yam Bahadur Gurung lamented that their year-long toil had gone to waste.

Paddy planted in the upper regions of Kavholasothar Rural Municipality have been destroyed due to the hailstones, said Chief Administrative Officer of the rural municipality, Rakesh Gurung. "The farmers informed us that their harvest was ruined."

He said, some decision could be made for the farmers during the next meeting of the rural municipality. He added that there are programmes that support farmers by providing them with seedlings, and imparting training to make them self reliant.

In this context, he said that more of such programmes could be organised in the hailstone-affected areas.