Hailstorm destroys crops in far-western hills of Nepal

DADELDHURA/DHANGADHI: A continuous rainfall with hailstones that has lashed across the hills of far-western Nepal since the wee hours of Friday morning has damaged crops including vegetables and fruits in various districts.

Wheat crops, vegetables and fruits cultivated in the areas of Bagarkot, Gankhet, Alital, Parshuram Municipality, Bhageshwar Rupal in Dadeldhura district have been destroyed by the hailstorm that started at around 4:00 am this morning, according to the District Agriculture Development Office, Dadeldhura.

The hailstorm has continued damaging the wheat crops during the harvest period.

Potatoes, mousambis, peaches, plums, bayberries are among vegetables and fruits that were destroyed by the sudden downpour with hailstorm, Senior Agricultural Development Officer Dil Bahadur Bista said.

It is yet to ascertain the value of crops destroyed by the hailstorm in the far-western Nepal.

The rain with hailstones have continued without interruption for over 10 hours now.

Similarly,  the hailstorm has also damaged crops in Badikedar, Bogatan, Jorayal among others in the southern region of Doti district.

Moreover, crops cultivated in  Babiyachar, lagam and Betan in the neighbouring Surkhet district have been damaged.

Meanwhile, it has been raining in Bajhang district for three days causing floods in the rivers.

(Reporting by Baburam Shrestha from Dadeldhura and Tekendra Deuba from Dhangadhi)