Municipality launches sanitation campaign

Khotang, February 1

Halesi Tuwachung Municipality has initiated a sanitation campaign around touristic religious destinations’ and Halesi Bazaar in Khotang from today to improve and promote public hygiene.

Halesi Bazaar area stank due to uncleared piles of garbage. The municipality also adopted proper garbage disposal practice following construction of a landfill site at Nangedanda in the municipality.

Mayor Iban Rai said garbage that was piled up for long at Halesi temple surroundings, Lakuribhanjyang, Rithabote, Dandabazaar and Mahendrodaya High School, among other places, had been cleared.

“Hundreds of tourists and pilgrims visit religious sites and other destinations in Khotang every year,” he said. He added that waste materials had increased with growing settlements, shops, industries and factories.

Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, people’s representatives and locals participated in the sanitation drive.

Ward No 7 Chairman Chaindra Rai said lack of dumping site had led to uncleared garbage and stench in the bazaar areas. “As the dumping site has been arranged, we will keep our municipality clean and fresh,” Rai added.