Handedanda locals elated as water woes end

  • It is a model project completed with local initiative in the municipality

Siraha, July 17

Residents of Muksar Handedanda at Golbazaar Municipality, in Siraha, who had been suffering due to shortage of clean drinking water for decades, are now elated to have water supplied at their doorsteps under a local project.

They had no option other than to depend on the nearby Gagankhola, then. But now, a local consumers’ committee has managed two water tanks where water from Chure area is stored before distributing it to a dozen households in the neighbourhood populated by Magar and Tamang communities.

The water source lies 300 metres away from the locality.

The project cost Rs1.5 lakh. The money was provided by the municipality through the consumers’ committee, according to committee chairperson Til Bahadur Tamang.

The locals collected Rs 45,000 from among themselves after the budget was inadequate to complete the project.

They have been living in that place for the past 25 years.

Meanwhile, Executive Officer at the municipality Giri Raj Gyawali described the water project as a model project accomplished under local initiative, in the municipality of the district.