Haphazard distribution of antibiotics deteriorating health of Far-West folks

BAJURA: The haphazard distribution of antibiotic medicines by medical shops in Far-Western Region is found leaving adverse effects on health of people in the districts.

According to Seti Zonal Hospital Head, Ganesh Bahadur Singh, the disorderly use of medicines without prescription of doctors for any disease just decreases the health of people, rather than curing the conditions.

Singh further said the use of medicines without confirming the disease at first would stop working at first and later weaken the patients.

The problem came to a rise because of distribution of medicines by the medical shops which might have not obtained licences.

This trend is seen not only in rural areas, but also in urban areas too.

Parshuram Shrestha, Director of Far-Western Regional Health Office, informed that monitoring of medical shops was a responsibility of the Nepalgunj-based Regional Medical Store under the Logistic Management Division.

However, not any team has been sent to the districts for monitoring.

Due to the lack of budget and skilled human resources, the Office is unable to do monitoring, informed Menu Shrestha, Head of the Regional Medical store.