Warn of boycotting upcoming local level election if their problems are not addressed


Speakers at a programme organised in Rajbiraj, Saptari, today said political parties had to include commitment to address the problems of Haruwacharuwa in their election manifesto.

District Haruwacharuwa Rights Forum had organised the programme. District-based political parties and leaders of Haruwacharuwa have to pay attention to sort out problems to win their trust.

Central Chairman Dasan Lal Mandal of National Haruwacharuwa Forum said that no political party was serious about solving the problems faced by Haruwacharuwa people for years.

He said that they were still the paying back the loan their forefathers had taken from the landlord.

"How long do we have to plough the field and graze the cattle belonging to landlords," he asked. Mandal said there was no point in casting vote if the political parties did not think about Haruwacharuwa people.

General Secretary Lagindra Sada of the forum said the real haruwacharuwa could not get relief through the programme brought by political parties.

He said political parties had just distributed relief amount among cadres. He warned that haruwacharuwa would think about the leaders of political parties if they did not change.

"Neither the real haruwachruwa were freed nor their kids got any facilities," Sada said, adding that the parties had used them as vote bank.

Federation of Nepali Journalist Saptari Chapter Chairman Shrawan Kumar Dev said most of the Dalits lived in Saptari and the same Dalits were haruwacharuwa.

He said they would not take part in voting if landownership certificates were not given to Dalits living in the unregistered land for years. He added that a pressure programme was necessary for the same.

Meanwhile, National Land Commission, Saptari, Chairman Hareram Yadav said that he had taken the problems seriously and would take initiative to resolve them. He expressed his commitment that the commission would work actively after the local level elections.

At the programme, CPN- UML Madhes Province member Ashok Kumar Yadav, Rastriya Prajatantra Party district secretary Balaram Sharma and journalist Manohar Kumar Pokhrel, among others, said political parties had to include their commitments to address the problems of Haruwacharua in their election manifestos.