Governors and provisional headquarters of provinces within three days: PM Deuba

DHANGADHI: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that government will declare the governors and provisional headquarters of provinces within three days.

Speaking at the inauguration of Makar Mela in Godawari of Kailali, PM Deuba said that government’s effort of forging consensus with major parties was a major reason behind delay in declaring governors  and provisional headquarters of provinces.

Likewise, Deuba also remarked that he is ready to quit the government. “If anybody claims the post of Prime Minister in accordance with the law, I will leave the post with in a minute. But none of the parties have secured majority and the parliament also has not been formed. In such situation, on what basis should I leave the government?” questioned Deuba. He also said that the parliament would take full shape only after the National Assembly elections.