Health Minister holds brief for Nepali Congress

Sarlahi, October 31:

Minister for Health and Population, Giriraj Mani Pokhrel, has called for the representation of the Nepali Congress in the special committee, which has been formed for the integration of the Maoist People’s Liberation Army (PLA) into the Nepali army.

Speaking at a press meet in Malangwa today, he said, “A national army should be formed by integrating the PLA and the NA as per the 12-point agreement reached between the state and the Maoists. Stating that the state had reached a 12-point agreement with the Maoists under the leadership of the NC, he accused the NC of raising different issues by sidelining the major issue — the bid to take the peace process to a logical conclusion. “It is necessary to make the Nepali army inclusive,” the minister said.

On the issue of dealing with the Tarai-based armed outfits, he said, “The government will hold meaningful talks with the outfits guided by political ideologies.” Saying that the State had been unable to take steps for the development of the health sector due to the transitional phase, he said, “Twelve-beds hospitals located across the country will be turned into 25-bed ones this fiscal.”

Minister Pokhrel also inaugurated a three-storey building of the District Public Health Office.