The Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed 10 instances of black fungus infection or Mucormycosis in the country.

Among the confirmed cases eight of the patients have come in contact with the authorities while two have yet to come in contact, according to Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel, Spokesperson at the ministry.

The infected are from Nepalgunj, Birgunj and Kathmandu, the ministry added.

Seti Hospital earlier had reported a Black fungus death in Kailali.

The mucormycosis infection is a very rare but serious infection most likely caused by mucor mould (mucormycetes). The infection which has symptoms including fever, headache, chest pain, blocked nose, breathing difficulties, pain and pressure around the eyes, blurred or double vision, is said to be linking with COVID-19 infection.

Patients may cough up blood and develop a blackish colouration around the nose. The disease is a fungal disorder wherein in some severe cases surgeons have to remove patients' eyes and jawbones to control the infection.

The infection has generally attacked diabetes patients and those with the low immune system between the age of 45 and 65 and those who have used antibiotics or steroids for long.

Preventable measures against the infection are wearing clean and dry facemasks and gloves, washing hands regularly, using sanitisers and cleaning the nose with salty water.