Govt doctors seek permission to work in private institutes

KATHMANDU: Following the government's decision making Health Ministry's permission mandatory before taking up a job at the private health institutes, 889 government doctors and health workers from across the country have applied for permits at the ministry.

Doctors from fifth to eleventh level have filed application for permission at the Health Ministry, according to officials.

Ministry's Medical Division Director Dr Bhola Ram Shrestha said the number will increase after arrangements are put in place for aspirants to file applications at departments and regional bodies.

The Health Ministry issued the notice to draw applications in order to not let health workers' engagement in the government offices hamper the works in the private institutes during off duty hours.

The Ministry has stated that within the next one month it will be decided who gets permission and who does not get permission. The Ministry believes that the arrangement will provide additional service and facility to doctors, nurses and other health workers that provide services on off duty hours and help upgrade the quality of the health service.

The licences of the institutes found to be employing doctors and health workers from the government services without permission will be revoked and subjected to necessary legal action.

Section 52 of the Health Service Act, 2053, states that the employees must attend their offices regularly at the stipulated time and must not take leave without permission.