Health workers stage sit-in demanding COVID allowance


Doctors, nurses, health workers, and employees shut down all services, except the emergency ward, at Kalaiya District Hospital, demanding COVID risk allowance today.

By shutting down services, health workers staged a sit-in demanding COVID risk allowance. Closure of health services has hit patients and service seekers.

Lab in-charge at the hospital Sesh Ful Mohammad said they were forced to take to the street after they did not receive the allowance for the past ten months.

All health workers and employees working at all local levels and health centres have received the allowance.

COVID Allowance Struggle Committee Spokesperson Dr Rabi Gupta said negligence on part of the former medical superintendent Dr Birendra Mandal had led to the freezing of Rs 8 million in the last fiscal. “Our repeated pleas to the province government and other stakeholders have gone unheard,” said Dr Gupta.

The government has decided to provide 100 per cent, 75 per cent and 50 per cent allowance to health workers, security personnel and employees involved in the treatment of COVID patients.

“We have not received even a single penny,” said Dr Gupta.

There are 105 health workers and employees working at the district hospital.

“We have informed the hospital administration, Province 2 government and Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut about the non-payment of risk allowance in writing, but to no avail,” said Dr Anjali Chaurasiya.

Meanwhile, medical superintendent Dr Sunil Prasad Yadav said he was in talks with the province government to fulfil the agitating health workers’ demands.