Bajura, April 26

Health workers from Bajura district headquarters Simikot, who reached remote Raya and Syada VDCs after an outbreak of seasonal diseases in these areas about a week ago, have started treating patients in the diseases-hit villages from today.

Five persons each have died due to the outbreak of common cold and cough in those villages in the past one week. The villages are a one-day trek from the district headquarters.

According to District Health Office Acting Chief Amar Dev, two separate teams led by Dr Chhabi Bastola and Assistant Health Worker Haribhakta Shahi have been assigned to Raya and Syada VDCs respectively.

“The teams, carrying life-saving drugs, were deployed after the concerned health facilities ran out of necessary drugs,” said Dev, adding that around 250 to 110 patients are being treated in Raya and Syada respectively at present.

Similarly, according to the DHO acting chief, additional teams of health workers with medicine have been sent to places from where reports of increasing common cold and cough cases had come in.

“After we learnt that cases of the seasonal ailments were rising in Shreenagar, Kalika, Maila and Madena VDCs, two teams led by Dr Anil Gupta and family planning supervisor Naresh Shrestha were sent there,” Dev said, adding that treatment of patients had started there.

Dev further claimed that the outbreak would be brought under control in a few days. “There is nothing to be worried as the outbreak will be controlled in a few days,” he said.