Hearing suffers as judiciary braces for a shake-up

Kathmandu, October 19:

The Judicial Council (JC) is carrying out final preparation to appoint and transfer judges in different courts across the country.

The preparation to appoint and transfer of the judges is at the final stage as there are 52 vacancies of judges in the Supreme Court, appellate courts and district courts. Hearings of cases in different courts have been affected because of the lack of judges.

“The preparation to transfer and appoint new judges is at the final stage. The decision may

be taken any time,” JC spokesperson Nahakul Subedi told this daily today. There has been no transfer of judges in the last two and half years.

Hearings in different courts across the country have been affected after the news of judges’ transfer surfaced. Because of the rumour, many judges of the Kathmandu District Court (KDC) put off the hearing of many cases.

“Hearing of some cases were affected because of the rumour. Some cases in the KDC were put off because of the rumour,” KDC registrar said. The JC, headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, had transferred staffers of the judiciary and government attorneys on Friday.

“There is an urgent need to transfer judges,” Attorney General Raghav Lal Vaidya said.