Hepatitis-B grips Dang village, villagers panic

LAMAHI: All the villagers of Karangkot in Sishaniya VDC of Dang district have been terrified of contracting Hepatitis-B after four members of a family in the neighbourhood were found infected with the disease.

Local Arjun Bahadur Pun, 30, his wife Sunamati and daughters Meena, 13, and Ima, 10 have tested positive to Hepatitis-B. Ram Bahadur Gaha, another local, said the couple has left for Kathmandu for treatment leaving behind their children at home. “The villagers do not visit Pun’s house for fear of contracting the disease. The isolated kids, as a result have been facing difficulties”, Gaha added.

According to a local Mana Singh Gaha Magar, Arjun had caught Hepatitis-B last year after failing to recuperate from jaundice. As the health of his family members was deteriorating, Arjun had taken them to Kohalpur Medical College in Banke. The medical test in the hospital had confirmed his wife and two kids with Hepatitis-B. Shantaraj Sharma, chairman, Sishaniya

Market Management Committee, however, said that the villagers have given foodstuffs

to the children. “We have arranged for their food till their parents return from Kathmandu,” he added. Meanwhile, Hari Darlami, a local said that the entire village was panicking

as Pun’s family had contracted the disease again. “Most of the people in the village believe in witchcraft,” he added.

Tirtha Raj Gyawali, chairman, Youth Unity for Good Governance, a local NGO said that all villagers should have their health checked up so as to get rid of the fear of the disease. But, the villagers complained that Sishaniya Health Post had not provided vaccine for Hepatitis-B. They have also demanded for a health camp.