Historic declaration has given peace to Nepalis, says AG

Janakpurdham, May 19:

The House of Representatives Declaration-2006 has given peace to the Nepali people from feudal elements, attorney-general Yagya Murti Banjade said today.

Inaugurating the 27th central executive council and the general meeting of Nepal Bar Association in Janakpurdham, he said it was necessary to be alert, saying the

overnment has always conspired against embracing the democratic culture.

Banjade said the concept of inclusive democracy should be taken up through the medium of consensus by keeping intact the sovereignty of the people.

“It is necessary for the judges to keep alive the issues of independent judiciary, rights and the rule of law,” he said, adding that Janakpur has always been in the forefront in the struggle for democracy.

Central president of the Nepal Bar Association Shambhu Thapa said it was necessary to remain vigilant regarding the danger of the conspiracies of elements trying to bring about instability and break up the alliance of the seven political parties.

Noting that the HoR’s Declaration-2006 is a part of the Constitution, he pointed out the need of drafting an equitable and representative Constitution.