HLPM mulling Maoist-led govt: Dahal

SYANJA: Chairman of the Unified CPN-Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' today said that an agreement of forming a government of national consensus under the leadership of the Maoists has been reached in the High Level Political Mechanism (HLPM) as part of a package deal to bring an end to the current political stalemate.

Prachanda said so while addressing the second national conference of Magar Rastriya Mukti Morcha in Waling. Prachanda said, "The HLPM was formed to bring a solution to the deadlock created by the President's move,” adding, "The meeting of the HLPM to be held on March 2 will bring give solution to the stalemate."

Prachanda also said that people's pressure was required to draft the constitution and bring the peace process to a logical end within the deadline. "The regressive forces, with the support of the foreign powers, have started to hatch a conspiracy against the current peace process,” he reasoned. Prachanda said, "People's pressure is required to fight against such conspiracies.” Meanwhile, UCPN-M central committee member Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, politburo members Lokendra Bista, Hemanta Prakash Oli, Hitraj Pande, general secretary, Adibasi Janajati Mahasangh Ram Bahadur Thapa and Reena Rana central deputy chairman, Nepal Magar Sangh also aired their views.

Prachanda also released two books written in Kham Magar language. The conference will end on March 2.