BIRATNAGAR: A large number of people from home and abroad are arriving here to take part in the festival of Chaturmaysa of the Jain religion.

Jains from countries like America, Australia, Canada, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Russia are coming to attend the festival of Chaturmasya, said the Coordinator of the Jain Terapatha Sabha, Mal Chandra Surana.

Accommodation has been managed for around one hundred thousand people expected to arrive, with 50,000 foreigners already confirming their arrival, said member of the festival organising committee Rakesh Surana.

The chief guru of Jain religion Acharya Mahasraman has already arrived here to grace the festival. The Chaturmasya festival will run for four months. During the festival, Acharya Mahasraman is scheduled to deliver a religious talk.