Home-made hooch sale hitting the sky

Dhading, November 16:

Production and sale of home-made alcohol is on the rise in villages along Prithvi Highway

of Dhading.

Mostly women of ethnic communities like Tamang, Gurung, Magar, Ghale and Newar communities of VDCs including Bhumesthan, Naubise, Baireni, Kumpur, Salang, Gajuri, Benighat, Murlibhanjyang Sangkos are selling homemade liquor because of poverty and lack of alternate sources of income.

Central member of the Federation of the National Cottage and Small Industries, Shanta Bikram Baniya, claimed these women are selling the hooch despite knowing its harmful effects on society.

“I know alcohol is bad for health, but I don’t have any other source of income. I have a family to feed, and also need to provide education to my children,” said Sannani Ghale of Kumpur.

Maili Tamang of Baireni has been selling home-made liquor for the last 12 years. She claimed she’s doing an honest day’s job, as she is not stealing from anybody. The moonshining women use their children to ferry the alcohol in their school bags on their way to school.

Officials of Nawa Jagaran Child club, Baireni, working for child rights said the use of children in such work was despicable.

The largest volume of hooch sale is in Naubise, Dharke, Mahadev Besi, Galchi, Baireni, Mahesh Dovan, Belkhu, Gajuri, Malekhu, Benighat, Jogimara and Dhading Besi. According to statistics, nearly 8000 litres of hooch is sold in these areas daily.

Chairman of the Dhading Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Dhruba Bahadur Thapa said though the illegal sale of this liquor was providing income to some, it was causing a great loss to the state.

The entrepreneurs of legallly distrubuted liquor said the apathy of concerned authorities about illegal production and sale is increasing problems in their business throughout the district.