Homeopaths at government’s door for regulatory body

Kathmandu, November 7:

Though homeopathy is regarded as one of the the oldest-practiced alternative medicines in the country, the government is still lingering the process of forming Homeopathic Medical Council for more than a decade.

A draft bill prepared by the Health Ministry in the 2002 is still waiting to get endorsed by the cabinet, according to Nepal Homeopathic Chikitsak Sangh (NHCS).

“Two task forces, formed in the past, had strongly recommended the government to form the Council. But the government is not showing any concerns to this regard,” Dr Jivan Prakash, president of the NHCS told a press meet organised here today.

“The homeopathic medicine in the country is suffering from the lack of a regulatory body. There is no government allocation for the homeopathic doctors in district hospitals. Because of this fact, the students of homeopathic medicine have no enthusiasm with their career,” he added.

Dr Shabbir Khan, president of All Nepal Homeopathic Association (ANHA) and chief of Pashupati Homeopathic Hospital, said the formation of the Council alone could help drastically enhance the sector.

“Currently the sector is in chaos because of the lack of proper government attention. Because of the lack of regulatory mechanism, the number of quack practitioners is increasing and they are charging random sum as fee,” Dr Khan said. He that the council will control, manage and improve the current situation of the homeopathic medicine in the country.