HoR declaration must, says NWPP

Kathmandu, May 15:

Nepal Workers’ and Peasants Party (NWPP) today said that the parliament must come up with Declaration of House of Representatives-2006, saying a sovereign parliament enjoys the power to do so.

Other decisions include demanding free education and health, employment guarantee, pension to those over 60 years of age, nationalisation of chief means of production and ceiling on property holding.

The party decided proscribing the practice of buying property in foreign countries, introducing the concept of land to the tillers and channellising the 50 per cent of the budget to the local development efforts. The party also said army must be brought under the parliament and the upper house should be evoked as a seat for ethnic communities. The party has also decided that there should be a provision of mandatory two-thirds backing of both house of parliament on issues of economic importance. The decisions have been taken in the light of the recent parliamentary diktat which has virtually agreed to have a new constitution. The party leaders will be going around the country to propagate the new agenda among the people.