Kathmandu, January 1 Amid criticism from agitating civil servants, the House of Representatives today passed the Civil Servants Adjustment Ordinance, which was presented by the government. The main opposition Nepali Congress asked the government to pull back the ordinance saying its provisions were not in-favour of the government employees. The upcoming meeting of the National Assembly is likely to pass the bill on January 4. According to the constitution, the government should come up with bill to replace the ordinance after both Houses endorse it. President Bidhya Devi Bhandari, on December 9, promulgated the ordinance on the recommendation of the government. Presenting the bill in the Lower House, Minister of Federal Affairs and General Administration Lal Babu Pandit today said the government was in favour of its employees.  Pandit assured employees that the government would not block its employees’ career-development. “The employees should not be unhappy with the ordinance. The government is also concerned about their career and also after their retirement,” he said, adding that those people who were against the new system were against the ordinance. NC lawmaker Gagan Thapa registered a proposal saying the government should take back the ordinance. “It is not in favour of government employees,” he said, adding, the ordinance was selfish and indifferent. He said the government has taken suggestions from those people with whom it should not have taken, but the government didn’t take suggestions from appropriate people. “So, I would like to request the government to take it back,” he said. Thapa said that the government was not heeding the suggestion from the Public Service Commission and behaving with it as if it were one of the departments of the government, which was not right. He also asked the government to come up with Federal Civil Service bill, Provincial Civil Service Bill and Local Levels employee bill. Another Lawmaker Prem Suwal also criticised the ordinance. Meanwhile, authentic Trade Union of Civil Servants’ President Punya Dhakal said the government had assured them it would address their concerns and grievances in the up-coming replacement bill of the ordinance. “The government is positive on the replacement bill of the ordinance,” said Dhakal. He also said the government was planning to address the employees’ grievances in the Federal Civil Service bill, the main document of the country’s civil servants. Their main concern is that civil servants who choose to be adjusted in provincial and local governments should not be prevented from being transferred to the federal government. Disgruntled employees said that the ordinance was silent on the transfer issue. “It is not clear what the government’s position on the transfer issue is,” a government employee told THT, adding, “The ordinance does not say that those choosing adjustment in the seven provinces and 753 local governments can get transferred to the federal government.”