Kathmandu, July 3 :

House of Representatives today passed a proposal scrapping 53 provisions in the 1990 Constitution that contradict the spirit of the HoR declaration.

Fifteen provisions were suggested to overcome constitutional obstacles. Terminologies like ‘state’, ‘Nepal government’, ‘Nepali Army’ and ‘Nepali ambassador’ to be used instead of ‘kingdom’, ‘His Majesty’s government’, ‘Royal Nepalese Army’ and ‘Royal Nepalese ambassador.’

The Cabinet will exercise “executive power” stipulated under Article 35. It will also issue ordinances and exercise emergency powers. The Cabinet will exercise the power of removing difficulties as per Article 127, which, however, should be ratified by the House. The PM will present the government’s fiscal policy and programme in the House. House will appoint PM while the PM will appoint the deputy PMs and ministers.

The Cabinet will nominate members of the National Assembly. Earlier, the King used to nominate 10 members of the Upper House. The PM will take oath of office in the House and other ministers will do so that in front of the PM and other officials will take oath according to the provisions decided by the House.

The Cabinet will appoint ambassadors and special representatives. Even the Attorney General and Chief of the Army Staff will be appointed by the Cabinet.

Deputy Speaker Chitra Lekha Yadav tabled the proposal in the second sitting of the House. In the first sitting, she had presented the Special Committee’s Preliminary Report, which identified 53 provisions in the Constitution contradicting the House declaration. The House was adjourned for an hour between the sittings. It will resume at 11 am tomorrow.