House unanimously passes budget

Kathmandu, August 23 :

The House of Representatives today passed budget for the fiscal year 2006/07 following about a month-long ministry-wise discussions.

Speaker Nembang declared unanimous approval of the appropriation bill after the MPs asked to pass the budget.The MPs of the Jana Morcha Nepal led by Deputy Prime Minister Amik Sherchan did not attend the House during discussion on the bill.

Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat had tabled the bill on behalf of the government seeking approval of the House. Speaking on behalf of PM GP Koirala, Dr Mahat answered MPs’ queries related to the ministries under him. He said there was no need to set up a separate ministry to handle issues related to the Royal Palace. “Constituent assembly will settle the issue of constitutional monarch and there is no confusion on it because the PM has already made it clear that people will decide on the issue.”