House won’t be dissolved: Nepal

Biratnagar, May 27 :

CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal said immediate dissolution of the House of Representatives established through the Jana Andolan would be self-destructive.

He reiterated that the parliament could not be dissolved until a reliable body of peoples’ representatives was formed.

Addressing zonal level party workers gathering organised in Biratnagar today, general secretary Nepal urged the Maoist leadership to stop collecting donation.

He said all parties, including Maoists, should stop collecting donation.

He urged the Maoists to go among the people with ideas and not guns.

Nepal said his party would not collect donation for next three months.

Collection of donation affects the election of constituent assembly and therefore, collection of even voluntary donation should be stopped immediately, he said.

King is powerless so he would not be expelled from the country even after the result of the constituent assembly, Nepal said.

“We will allow the King to stay in the country as a citizen even if the election of constituent assembly decides to put an end to monarchy,” Nepal said, adding the King should

be ready to accept the decision of the constituent assembly.

He also cautioned the party cadres to be careful in the changed political scenario when the agents of regression are still conspiring.

He said history would not forgive those who tried to disrupt and create obstruction in the election of constituent assembly.

The parliament has been making important decisions and it should take rest only after completing all tasks, general secretary Nepal said.

Nepal said, election of constituent assembly and drafting of new constitution would complete within a year.

He, however, expressed doubts over atmosphere of trust between seven parties and Maoists and said much needed to be done to improve trust.

“Still people are not assured on the relation between Maoist and seven parties,” Nepal said.