Houses buried in dry landslip

Bajura, October 2

As many as 10 houses were buried and 33 families displaced in dry landslides at Sappata VDC of Bajura.

According to Bajura District Police Office, continuous dry landslides since Thursday morning have swept away houses belonging to Kar Dhami, Aaj Karki, Chutare Karki, Rat Karki, Kashi Karki, Dhan Karki, Raiji Budha, Dipu Karki, Jayasur Karki and Deusur Karki.

Police said 33 families could not live in their houses due to the fear of the disaster and have been relocated to safer places.

Eroding of the fertile lands have also put the human settlements at high risk. As many as 156 households are at high risk of landslides in Rudhi VDC of the district. Local Dil Bahadur Dhami said Biru Dhami, Rupkanya Dhami, Pare Karki, Pasure Karki and Bire Karki, among others, have been displaced and are currently living in Jijuwa VDC.

Local teacher Man Bahadur Rokaya said the dry landslides had occurred after five years in the area. He added that there was no rainfall since four months in the affected areas. “The landslides did not take place during rainy season, but has now occurred after the end of monsoon,” he added.

Shyam Prasad Poudel, chief of Bajura District Police Office, said locals were terrified due to the dry landslides. He said the villagers were facing problems after vehicular movement at different road sections got disrupted following the disaster. Poudel added that the roads have been covered with the mud slips in many places.

Bajura Chief District Officer Dhana Prasad Sharma Poudel said his office was preparing to send a team to the affected areas with relief materials tomorrow.

The victims are yet to receive any relief materials, including tents, though two days have passed since the landslips.

Red Cross is said to have provided tents to ten families while district administration provided tents to 12 families only.